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The Dodge Travco

The Dodge Travco

The Travco Motorhome was a Class A Recreational Vehicle built between 1965 until the late 1980’s.

The Travco design originally emerged as a 1961 model called the “Dodge Frank Motor Home” and marketed with the assistance of the Chrysler Corporation who were the makers of its chassis.

One hundred thirty one were produced the first year, with an average price tag of $9000.

The 1962 Dodge Motor Home (later Travco) design was revolutionary due to its shape and fiberglass-over-steel construction, thus eliminating paint jobs and dry rot. It was sold as the Frank Motor Home from 1958 to 1963 until the company went bankrupt. Two investors bought the RV body molds and the patent rights, and opened up Travco Corporation a short time after, incorporating as PRF Industries.

Travco was considered a leader in the industry, and was the first manufacturer to create a vehicle that defined the modern day Motorhome.

Travco enjoyed a large market share of the budding motorhome market, its success played a part in the demise of more established makes such as the Corvair powered Ultra Van and opened the market to lower cost makes such as Winnobago. Travco’s use of the Dodge Motorhome chasis established Dodge chassis as the most popular make of motorhome chassis for twenty years.

The original Dodge Motorhome Chassis used for the Travco and many other makes was powered by the Chrysler 318 polysphere engine and later 413 and 440 engines were mated to the Chrysler Torqueflite 727 transmission.

Travco offered a variety of lengths and floorplans over the years, its 27 foot model was the most popular model.

Country music star Johnny Cash owned and toured in several Travcos.

Travco models were ranked in the top three postwar RV manufacturers for highest quality and most desirable makes of RV of all time.